And you thought looking this bad was easy
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About the Artist
James (a.k.a. Rath) is a lonely, tragic romantic turned into a cynical jackass by a string of failed relationships. It would probably help if he didn't try to pick up girls by moonlighting as an orderly in a psych ward. In his spare time he enjoys kareoke, making drunks think he is the ghost of John Lennon, playing Worlds of Warcraft with his guild Prophecy of Revenge (edit: guild has since dissolved), and getting his butt kicked by his friend Sam in virtually every card, board, and video game known to man.
He is also a big time otaku, loves anime, and is constantly annoyed that he can't make his artwork look as good as Gabe, Piro, and Woody.
He loves moonlight strolls, romantic dinners, and making sure that his woman knows she is truly appreciated. Yes, ladies, dispite his good looks and charm, he is still single! Act now while you still have the chance!
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